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  • Sabai House

    An ocean of trees
2-4 personas
2 camas
You can book this single apartment or several apartments in the rural complex.
If you make a reservation in low season from Monday to Thursday, free gift of a  bottle of  Basque wine.
230 €  per night
July, August and bank holidays
195 € per night
Rest of the year


The Sabai was formely the granary of the original structure of the Astei farm, where the grass for feeding the animals is kept dry,
typical of the lifestyle of old Basque rural areas, which were mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock.

The Sabai barn has today been carefully restored to become an open concept living psace of 95 square meters which includes a kitchen,
living room with fireplace and a double bed flanked by two old sewing cupboards and an eighteenth-century painted headboard.
All presided over by an antique bronze chandelier.

A large floor to ceiling window permits stunning views of the mountains and the variegated green tones of the trees and plants
in the Astei garden. From the sofa, we invite you to relax to the patter of rain on the roof, warm and cosy by the open fire, enjoying
a good book in the atmosphere of the old barn now decorated with its antique furniture, like the lovely chesnut wardrobe: a journey
back to where time stands still.

Adjoining the main living space, Sabai has an adjoining bedroom decorated with chesnut wood furniture, including a double bed a separate
bathroom, making it ideal for families with young children.
What do you need to bring?
  • Sabai House
  • Sabai House
  • Sabai House
  • Sabai House
  • Sabai House