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  • Vita house

    Warmith of wood
  • Vita house

    Warmith of wood
2-6 personas
3 camas
You can book this single apartment or several apartments in the rural complex
If you make a reservation in low season from Monday to Thursday, free gift of a  bottle of  Basque wine.
C30x30_alojamiento_accesible Alojamiento accesible
C30x30_wifi en, categorias, wi-fi-gratuita
500 €   per night
All season

Self-sustaining Designer House - Vizcaya

The marriage of avant-guard design and tradition makes for a new architectural concept in the heart of the Basque Country. A house of 180
square meters with three bedrooms, three bathroom and large open concept living area built with the latest technology and environmentally
responsible since it generates its own power. Vita offers a high level of comfort with tasteful modern decor.

White and tan tones constrast with the intense green of the oaks and eucalyptus that flood the room through the spectacular windows, which
overlook a terrace woven in wood that literally floats in nature.

A work area with free Wifi completes this space designed for entertainment and equipped with fireplace, TV, stereo and a small library.

Spacious and bright bed rooms with glass walled bathrooms all have two-metre wide beds with Nordic mattresses and down quilts, toguether
designer lamps and chairs make sure you enjoy your rest time wrapped in the warmth of wood.

A fully equipped kitchen allows you to experience the pleasure of cooking or let others do it for you. We can organize meetings with
gourmet chefs in the area for you to sample our fine cuisine elaborated with local ecological produce.

Vita house Certifications:

Minergie  Passiv  Q de Calidad Turística

Presentation Video of Vita´s Proyect

¿Why is Vita special?

More information: www.proyectovita.com
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  • Vita house
  • Vita house
  • Vita house
  • Vita house
  • Vita house
  • Vita house