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  • Wellness

    Water for welbeing
  • Wellness

    Water for welbeing
  • Wellness

    Water for welbeing

Water centre and wellness zone

The Ea Astei water centre and wellness zone is an innovative idea for rural tourism and the only one presently available at a Basque Farmhouse holiday.

The Water Centre is an ideal complement to the services we offer our guests.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of water treatments in this cozy haven of personal care equipped with a heated pool, spa, sauna and massages on request.

Relaxing in the Water Centre and Spa offers numerous benefits for health and beauty.

SWIMMING-POOL: Doing our best to take care of body and mind

The tranquility and the beautiful enviroment that surrounds our heated pool will be the best partner for your relaxation. Swimming is an all
round exercise and very beneficial for our body because it increases stamina and strength, and promotes peace of mind as moving in water
eases tensions, improves mood and reduces stress.

SPA, The best anti-stress therapy

The Spa makes sure you disconnect from the daily grind, improves your sense of wellbeing and relaxes muscle tension and anxiety built up
in a life of haste and stress. In addition, the sense of peace and calm that the spa provides in the open air surrounded by nature ensures
you look forward to a deep and restful sleep.

Sauna: an update in the form

Our water circuit includes a Sauna that, as well as the Spa, offers us many beauty and health benefits.
The temperature and humidity of the sauna are combined to eliminate toxins and increase defenses, release endorphines, improve breathing,
or ameliorate the symptoms of arthritis. The sauna also helps reduce cellulite and muscle pains, to produce an overall sensation of

Massage; Hands on Health, Beauty and Relaxation

Massages relieve muscle tension and naturally balance the physiological and emotional processes in your body. The benefits include deep relaxation
and a pleasant calmness, neutralizing the effects of stress. Massages can be specifically tailored to relieve pain and physical disorders thereby
improving our physical and emotional state.

Remember a visit to our water center is your gift to your wellbeing:

An appropriate combination of massage and spa treatments can only be beneficial for your health, beauty and wellbeing.
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