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Rural houses in Vizcaya, Basque country

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You can get in touch with us by several ways: 

  • Address:
 Barrio Olagorta Nº6 48287, Ea Vizcaya

  • Phone Number: 
(+34) 946 276 511 - 619 560 123

  • Email address: 

Casas Rurales en Vizcaya (bizkaia) - pais vasco

Situated in Natxitua, between the towns of Gernika and Lekeitio and 2 km away from Elantxobe fishingport. 5km from the beach of Laga, 5km from the beach of Laida and 5 km from thebeach of EA.

Bº Olagorta s/n 48287, EA (BIZKAIA)
Coordenadas GPS: N: 43º 22’ 10”. W: 2º 36’ 49”
Pulsa aquí para ver cómo llegar desde tu ubicación

How to get to EA Astei - Rural House Urdaibai:

By public transport: You can get to the village of EA by public transport but you can only get to the rural house by car as it is 5km away from the village.

By bus (Bizkaibus company) you can get to the village of EA and to Natxitua, the nearest residential area to the accomodation. Thebus you must take

is the Bilbao-Hospital Galdakao-Gernika-Lekeitioitinerary

From the center of EA:

Take the road BI-3238 that goes through Angeletxu andNatxitua districts. After continue through road  BI-3239 and turn leftuntill you get to Olagorta district..

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