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Basque Country´s Capitals


Bilbao , the capital of Bizkaia , is undergoing a process of change symbolised by the transformation undergone along the Nervion River . With the disappearance of the old industries , most of the polution in Bilbao has been iliminated and we can see the sky again . Furthermore, the presence of the Guggenheim Museum building has given a new face to the city.
You can start a walk through the old town, crossing the Arenal Bridge , next to the Arriaga Theatre . In the Plaza de España , where the statue of Don Diego López de Haro is situated , the founder of the village, you can stroll down the Gran Via , the main street of the commercial and social life of the city. Continuing along the river , you come to the Guggenheim Museum , open to the public since October 1997 . The building was built with stone, glass and titanium. Alongside is the Doña Casilda Park , the Museum of Fine Arts, with an important artistic heritage .

Vitoria - Gasteiz

Vitoria- Gasteiz , capital of Alava and the Basque Government headquarters , is an ideal place to live . In its old medieval quarters you breathe fresh air and streets are pedestrianized . There are sections of the old wall  and various churches and palaces to visit.

Highlights include St. Mary 's Cathedral in Gothic style, and the palace of Montehermoso ,an  important cultural centre. In Benda 's palace is the Museo Fournier, the classic playing cards manufacturer . In summer , do not miss the Jazz Festival .


San Sebastian , the capital of Gipuzkoa is the Basque stately town . The old town extends around Mount Urgull. The mountain is accessed by a pedestrian walkway that will take you to the castle of Santa Cruz de la Mota and the Christ Chapel de la Mota .

The Constitution Square in the old city is known for its many balconies that were used in ancient times as the boxes of an improvised bullring. In the church of Santa Maria is the Virgen del Coro , patron saint of the city And at the port , besides a wonderful seafaring atmosphere , we can visit the Naval Museum and the Aquarium.
But the jewel of the city is the La Concha beach . From the Alderdi Eder Gardens which have a beautiful view of Mount Urgull and Mount Igueldo ,we can take the funicular up the mountain . There is a nice walk – Paseo de la Concha - along the beach to Ondarreta and at the end of which we  reach the enclave known as the “Comb of the Winds” , designed by architect Luis Peña Ganchegui and sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

If you like movies , San Sebastian hosts a famous festival held annually which brings together internationally recognized figures . Also you can go hiking around the hilly surroundings of the city.