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Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

The Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai is located in the coastal province of Bizkaia, and despite being an area of human activity, it maintains a well-preserved natural environment, housing an interesting variety of habitats within a relatively small physical extension.

The main geographical feature is a watershed whose main river is the Oka, which flows from south to north through varied Atlantic countryside, including such interesting areas of foresty, croplands, finally forming 12km long estuary of great beauty.

The estuary at low tide, has extensive marsh, wet meadows dotted with reeds and drier sandy areas, while higher up above the flood plain the surroundings
are made up of Cantabrian Holm Oak, interesting mixed Atlantic forest stands and rolling Atlantic countryside areas. To all this must be added the important coastal strip that alternates between coastal cliffs, sandy beaches and rocky shoals. Interesting wildlife communities occupy different environments in Urdaibai, highlighting among many other natural aspects, the importance of the estuary for many waterbirds, especially during periods  of migration and over wintering.

This is not an area that houses large concentrations of birds, however, there are many species that live or temporarily use the wide range of habitats present, making this a very suitable location for enjoying a very varied few days of bird watching. This is an area where you can enjoy a good day seeing seabirds waders and land dwellers within a few kilometres.

Each season has its potential, and during the autumn and winter the largest variety of birds can be spotted, including the resident birds, and many other birds on their migration to southern lands, make a stop in the marshes, it is also an excellent oportunity to see marine species, which come into the estuary to shelter from the severe, winter storms on the Bay of Biscay. During spring and summer, in addition to the residents you can spot those that stop on their journey back to north and central Europe, as well a summer nesting birds that occupy reedbeds, woodlands, forest plantations, heaths, and areas of countryside.

The following list cites by way of example, some of the most characteristic species of each enviroment and the best time of the year to see them, as well
as other rarer species, harder to see but highly valued by birdwatchers.

The following list cites by way of example, some of the most characteristic species of each environment and the best time of the year to see them, as well as other rarer species, harder to see but highly valued by birdwatchers.

Marshes, reedbeds and wet meadowsTime of the year
Reed Warbler. Spring, summer, autumn
Grasshopper Warbler. Spring, summer, autumn
Caspian Tern. Spring, autumn
Osprey. Spring, autumn
Spoonbill. Spring, autumn
Sedge Warbler. Spring, autumn
Ringed Plover. Spring, autumn, winter
Whimbrel. Spring, autumn, winter
Great Cormorant.Spring, autumn, winter
Heron. Spring, autumn, winter
European Silbon. Spring, autumn, winter
Merganser. Spring, autumn, winter
Water rail. All seasons
Egret. All seasons

Coast, cliffs, dunes
Time of the year
Roquero solitario.Spring, summer, autumn
Alcatraz atlántico.Spring, autumn, winter
Pardela sombría.Autumn
Alca común.
Spring, autumn, winter
Arao común.Spring, autumn, winter
Correlimos oscuro.
Spring, autumn, winter
Vuelvepiedras común.Spring, autumn, winter
Colimbo grande.Winter
Escribano nival.Winter
Cormorán moñudo.All year
Gaviota patiamarilla.All year
Halcón peregrino.All year
Paiño europeo.All year

Atlantic countryside, forests, tree plantations, gorse, heatherTime of the year
Alcaudón dorsirrojo.Spring, summer
Torcecuello euroasiático.
Spring, summer
Escribano cerillo.Spring, summer, autumn.
Culebrera europea.Spring, summer, autumn
Golondrina común.Spring, summer, autumn
Mirlo capiblanco. Spring
Colirrojo tizón.All year
Herrerillo capuchino.
All year
Carbonero palustre.All year
Busardo ratonero.All year
Aguilucho pálido.All year
Reyezuelo listado.All year
Curruca cabecinegra.All year
Pico menor.All year