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plato01Vieiras salteadas con ali oli de coliflor

Txipirones-a-la-plancha-con-un-arroz-cremoso-de-queso-de-oveja-Txipirones a la plancha con UN arroz cremoso de queso de oveja

Pichon-de-Araiz-a-la-parrilla-con-cebolla-roja-de-zalla-en-texturas.jpgPichon de Araiz a la parrilla con cebolla roja  


La fruta es oro

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A delicious menu of possibilities

In Busturialdea-Urdabai countryside and sea live toguether in harmony. This singular richness is reflected in the variety of our cuisine. Here you can enjoy like nowhere else, meats, vegetable, wine, cheese... The best of the sea and the land come toguether in an extraordinary menu of possibilities that are exploited every day in an endless variety of dishes. Great restaurants, signature cuisine, grills, home cooking and tapas bars Busturialdea-Urdabai is synonymous to paradise for lovers of good food.

It is also the birthplace of undisputed quality unique products like beans and peppers form Gernika. And if you want to experience what we have done throughout our history, then visit the local farmers markets for an authentic atmosphere and where sellers and buyers mingle as one.

You can meet homemade producers in the area who manufacture high quality products like: marmalade, cheese (cow and sheep), cider, honey, txacoli (Basque Wine).

These are the main regions where you can try typical Basque dishes: Arteaga, Forua, Gernika, Lekeitio, Elantxobe, Ibarrangelua...