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Places for feeling

EA Astei - Rural Houses, Vizcaya

"Welcome to our home, ASTEI,  a place  at one with nature, offering five unique options for enjoying  your holiday accommodation"

He main building is a restored stone farmhouse dating from the fifteenth century that gives its name to our surroundings. 
The rest of the houses are crafted in wood, each one unique and with its own story. Come and discover them.

The Houses.

hemingway - mundaka  TOUR

hemingway - mundaka  TOUR

H's M Tour

 The length and itinerary of the tour is up tothe customers, this is, they can visit just one of the sites, some of them ordo the complete tour. They can even change the order of the stops on theitinerary. The itinerary centres on Mundaka as the mostimportant location. This part of the tour can be done either in the morning orin the afternoon/evening.