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History - Our rural houses in Vizcaya

The original buildings of the settlement probably date to  the end
 of the fifteenth century  according to the structural


characteristic of the oldest parts of the houses. The first written documentation was in the year 1641 when Astei was first registered in the Tax Register at the central Meeting House.

The original building was a large wooden framework with chestnut lattice work, and filled in with the same material. This was later to be replaced by a stone structure with a large façade built in local limestone. Its great central arch is typical of many of the grand farmhouses of the Basque Country.

Astei was designed to provide shelter for  its inhabitants and their  animals and farm implements. The current owners, present in Astei since 1974, have carried out a range of activities and uses of the farm, in the early days keeping cows for dairy and milk production, the restoration and sale of antique furniture and presently the site is dedicated to Rural House tourism and its name is “Las Casas de  Ea-Astei”