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Sustainable Tourism


The houses at Ea Astei are committed to sustainability and a responsible response to the energy needs of a planet with limited resources.

The last house built,  the CASA VITA is a pioneer building in Spain, built with a modular prefabricated wood and constructed with biodegradable, renewable and ecological resourses, aims at  maximum integration with the environment.

Vita House is the first house built in Spain that produces more energy than it consumes and surpasses the standards demanded by the Swiss label Minergie-Eco, and German Passivhaus label, the most advanced in terms of energy consumption.

Additionally, the entire complex, houses, pool and spa,  is heated by a heating system with a biomass boiler using pine chips from the family’s wood construction company , reusing the residues  and thereby bring a close to the cycle of life of the wood. We stop emitting CO2 into the atmosphere from fossil fuels, of which we have now become independent, and meaning that we can act responsibly and promote sustainabilty keeping in line with our philosophy and outlook on life.

Ea Astei is committed to recycling and provides all their customers with suitable containers for sorting their waste in compliance with environmental and social responsibility.