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Mertxe e Iñigo

Mertxe (Ea Astei owner) and Iñigo (Chef from the restaurant Zallo Barri in Gernika.  

The White wine that steals the show

Reawaken your taste buds again and sense the power of a very extraordinary wine. Discover Busturialdea Txacolí. Intense and exquisite aromas, absolute harmony and incredible fruitiness.

Feel the pleasure of coming upon a different and unique wine. With its own personal style. You can enjoy it cold, but it is created by the heat of the
passion to improve it every day. Produced with the variety Hondarrabi-zuri, one extraordinary, little known grape, grown near the sea facing the midday sun. The Atlantic climate, the proximity of the Bay of Biscay and the southerly winds that accompany the autumn harvest, make this a special, different Whine. There is nothing like it in the world.

We invite you to visit the wineries, learn their secrets and taste our wines. It is the best way to discover the real treasure for wine lovers the world
over. A white that surprises the world and arouses the interest of connoisseurs wherever you open one of these bottles. For some reason this wine regularly achieves the best reviews in the press. 

  • Bodega Berroja
Ajuras, Carretera de Zugastieta a Balcón de Bizkaia Muxika
  • Bodega Talleri
Barrio Erroteta s/n 48115 Morga, Vizcaya 
  • Bodega Itsasmendi
Barrio Arane Num 3, 48300 Gernika-Lumo
Telephone: 946 27 03 16